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Working with Steffi has been one of the greatest things that ever happened to my family and my daughter! Prior to working with Steffi my daughter did not take naps and frequently woke up throughout the night, and she REFUSED to sleep in her own bed. As a result of her inconsistent sleeping habits my husband and I were sleep deprived and exhausted. Not knowing what to do we often turned to co-sleeping just so we could get some rest.

In the beginning the change was rough but Steffi’s persistence, dedication and patience to her craft helped us to be successful in helping Amelia develop healthy sleeping habits. Steffi provided us with various sleeping methods and allowed my husband and I to choose the ones most suitable for our family. Thanks to Steffi our little one is now able to take naps during the day, she sleeps through the night and she does it all in her own bed!

Jessica G.

I was amazed at how quickly and easily the journey was, that in just a few nights my infant was sleeping through the night. Steffi took the time to discuss and explain everything I needed to do and not do to improve nighttime sleep. She was extremely sweet and patient to my baby’s little personality. I had a million questions and got a clear and knowledgeable understanding of the process.
She is truly the best, and does not disappoint.
I would highly recommend her!

Anna S.

We reached out breaking point after a few weeks of trying to transition our 7 month old from dockatot to crib and finally decided to contact a sleep consultant. Steffi has been a God send. She is extremely patient and a great listener. Understanding and knowledgeable. Right away she got us started and only after a few days we started to see improvements. Steffi communicated with us daily and was always available whenever we had any questions. I am beyond the moon and after 4 nights my baby is sleeping peacefully in the crib and my husband and finally have our room back. Would highly recommend her. Oh thank you, thank you Steffi!! My only regret is that we didn’t call sooner.

Kim L.

Steffi is amazing and offers close one on one support with constant check ins’ she has helped our little one sleep from 7-7am, and offered us a flexible routine when scheduling became too stressful! Totally recommend her! X

Nalini B.

I don’t even know where to start! I am over the moon so happy with how my experience was with Jolie sleep consulting! She was the sweetest and so easy to work with! She made sure I was not alone and I knew she was there to answer any questions I may have! We went from waking up at night and staying up 4-5 hours at a time, fighting naps and only napping in my arms… to sleeping 12-13 hours at night and napping twice a day in her bed. She also can put herself to sleep! She doesn’t even want to finish our bedtime routine. She will reach for her bed and try to crawl out of my arms! I am so happy we now have a happy girl who is well rested! You will not be disappointed! You have to stay on schedule and want to make a change! It only took us 3 day to get on track!!! Thank you sooo much for all that you have done for us! You will always have a special place in our hearts.

Breann R.

I met Steffi 14 months into my little one’s sleep journey. I am the type of mom to research everything. I read BabyWise before birth, did Taking Cara Babies, followed several sleep training groups. What I had yet to find up until Steffi was the day to day comfort and support she offered me to constantly reinforce what is best for both me and my baby. Amidst a pandemic, motherhood and our sleep training felt so isolating and Steffi is EXACTLY what I needed in terms of positive encouragement and all the tips, tricks, and reminders of how to best help our sleeping habits. I looked forward to every check-in and chat we had together about my baby boy. She cares so much about his needs and mine. Not everyone thinks to make sure us mamas are taken care of, and to me, that is priceless. Thank you so much, Steffi.

Samantha L.

Working with Steffi has literally been second to none. Prior to her help we were struggling with our 5 month old who would only cat nap through the day, frequently waking through the night for feeds and then waking to start the day at 4am!
He would also scream from 4pm until he was quickly bathed and put down for bed. I posted in a facebook group asking for help and Steffi came to my rescue. Literally 24hrs after following the plan Steffi wrote me, our little boy went to be 1 hour later than his previous normal with no tears and self settled himself. From then on over we followed the appropriate wake times that she suggested and was able to get him to nap in his own cot (previously slept in a dock a tot in a bedside crib) for 1.5hrs in the morning and then 40 minute naps in the afternoon. For us as a family this has made our lives so much better and has meant we have a much happier little boy.
Bedtime has now become enjoyable and he settle’s himself like a dream. Steffi has been on hand day and night to help answer questions no matter how daft and I really can’t thank her enough for all the help and support she has given us. The thought of going back to work no longer fills me with dread as I now have a lovely routine for everyone to follow and that’s all because of Steffi.

Lisa C.
Jolie Sleep Consulting