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Meet Steffi

Welcome! I am a wife, mother to two beautiful children, a lover of Iced-coffee and all things baby sleep. As a certified pediatric sleep consultant through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, I work with families throughout the US as a one-on-one coach, So no matter where you are, if you need help developing healthy sleep habits for your infant or toddler, I am here to help.

Being a mother myself, I know how challenging and exhausting it can be for parents to ensure that their family enjoys healthy sleep every night. That is why I am strongly committed to helping parents with the tools to help teach their children to become independent and healthy sleepers. I believe that good sleep habits ensure happy, active, healthy children and parents alike.

Lead Certified infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Hey there !
I am Nadia Nevels, a certified sleep consultant. I am so excited to be here and apart of Jolie sleep’s team. I found my passion in helping other families after I went through my own struggles. 

I am a military wife and a mother to three very beautiful, energetic and lovely boys. When I had my first son, I was breastfeeding every two hours for a year! I was exhausted. My second son came 18 months after and he was naturally a better sleeper but I was still up multiple times during the night and I was working full time.  My youngest son came 16 months after that and I knew I needed to change things. The whole family needed sleep and I knew I couldn’t have long nights again.

I became a sleep consultant to teach my toddlers to sleep throughout the night without a fight and we did it! I myself, wanted more alone and free time for myself and my husband. 

Now,I want to give this gift and all my knowledge to families who need restored sleep. I am here to listen to your goals and support you through your sleep struggles with a personalized, detailed sleep plan tailored to your family’s goals

Meet Nadia

Certified Infant and toddler Sleep consultant

Here's How We Can Help

Establish healthy Sleep!

Establish Independent Sleep!
End Bedtime Battles!

We will spend 15 minutes discussing what your child’s current sleep situation is, what you would like to change, and how we can help you achieve your sleep goals.

We will create and send you a customized sleep plan with step- by- step instructions that will address your child’s specific struggles to ensure that your child is learning healthy sleep habits so you both can reach your sleep goals.

To make sure we set you up for success, we will provide daily UNLIMITED support through text messaging to answer questions, troubleshoot any setbacks, and further refine your sleep plan to fit your child’s responses and temperament in real-time! 

How to Work together in 4 Easy Steps

How to Work together in 4 Easy Steps

Discovery Call

Your Personalized Sleep Plan

Follow-up Support

Better Sleep!

In as little as two weeks you will enjoy 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep overnight. Naps will be longer and more restorative during the day. You will have a solid daytime schedule and an enjoyable bedtime experience every night!

With step by step guidance, accountability and encouragement we’ll end bedtime stalling, resistance and night wakings for a smooth bedtime routine and a full nights sleep.

Your baby is now capable of falling asleep independently, taking longer naps more consistently and can sleep 10-12 hours through the night. That means you wont need to wake up every two hours to feed or struggle with short naps any more. We’ll help you get there.

Even though sleep during this time is especially not linear and rather sporadic, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on sleep shaping and building a solid sleep foundation so you may never need to formally sleep train.

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