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Newborn: 0-16 Weeks

Even though sleep during this time is especially not linear and rather sporadic, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on sleep shaping - and that’s exactly what this bundle is for - helping you help your baby to build a solid foundation when it comes to healthy sleep Habits.

  • The Complete Guide to Newborn Sleep download.
  • 30- minute Newborn Sleep Consultation Call to add a more personalized approach and to answer any questions.

Investment: $297

What's Included

  • Your baby’s sleep timeline – how much sleep your baby needs and how sleep patterns change
  • Choosing a bedtime and establishing a bedtime routine
  • The ideal sleep environment
  • Sleep Shaping techniques
  • Crib-side soothing and extending nighttime sleep stretches
  • Naps and preventing over-tiredness
  • Breast or bottle feeding and sleep

What You'll Learn

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Baby: 4-24 Months

Your baby is now capable of falling asleep independently, taking longer naps more consistently and sleeping 10-12 hours through the night. That means you wont need to wake up every 2 hours through the night or Struggle with naps anymore.

We'll help you get there!

  • Implement an effective sleep training method 
  •  Identify and change “unhelpful” sleep associations 
  • Make sure your baby always knows you’re nearby and responding
  • Establish a full, 10-12 hour night
  • Look forward to your bedtime routine
  • Move to a predictable schedule for naps
  • Wean night feeds gradually and effectively, when you’re ready
  • Maintain your strong, nurtured bond so baby always feels safe

Investment: $697

What to Expect

Toddler: 2-4 years

with Step By Step Guidance, accountability and encouragement We'll End bedtime Stalling, resistance
and Night wakings for a Smooth bedtime routine and A full nights sleep.

  • To establish or re-establish independent sleep.
  • Increase your child’s confidence about falling asleep independently.
  • Nap and nighttime schedules and how much sleep 2-4 year olds need. 
  • Create the right routines and wind down for your toddler. 
  • How to respond to middle of the night wakings so they stop.

Investment: $727

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What to Expect

"Steffi was/is a miracle to our family!"

"Our son was having frequent wakings at night, at least 4-6 times per night and constantly wanted to feed at each waking. Now he is able to stretch the time between his feedings at night and PUT HIMSELF to sleep for naps and bedtime. This was a huge win for us and we are getting more sleep! "

"Pure magic. Call her! You won't regret it."

"A friend suggested I reach out to Steffi after months of sleep struggles with my little one. She was patient and professional as she guided us through a program tailored to our needs. After only a few days, my daughter began sleeping 11/12 hours a night (uninterrupted!) and goes down for daytime naps without a fight."
-Jamilia C.

"Baby AND parents need sleep and Steffi will provide that gift to your family"

" Prior to working with Steffi, my son co-slept with us in our bed, had constant night wakings and took 30-40min naps during the day. With guidance and implementation of the skills we learned, our son is now down to ONE night waking to feed and taking two 1-1.5hr naps. We our so proud of our little one for his progress in this area, not only because our sleep has improved, but because he's getting the rest he needed. "
- Imani W.

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