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Meet Steffi

Meet Steffi

Meet Steffi

Certified Sleep Consultant

Steffi Edwin — Founder of Jolie Sleep Consulting

Welcome! I am a wife, mother to two beautiful children, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant through The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. I work with families from all over the US, so no matter where you are if you need help with your infant and toddler to develop healthy sleep habits, I am here to help.

Being Rested Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury



Being a mother myself, I know how challenging and exhausting it can be for parents to ensure that they and their children enjoy healthy sleep every night so that they can look forward to a new morning with a smile. And that is why I am strongly committed to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent and healthy sleepers. I believe that good sleep habits ensure happy, active and healthy children, and parents alike. Before becoming a pediatric sleep consultant, I worked as a nanny for eight years. From the children I baby sat and looked after, I saw first-hand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Well-rested children were happier, got along better with others and agile.

The first family that I worked for helped me pursue this path. Their baby boy had very poor sleep habits. He woke multiple times during the night. He only slept when he was either held or in his stroller. This was when I decided to help the baby get to a place of good rest. Struggling to find a sleep solution for him was perhaps the motivation for my sleep research, which was then followed by subsequent training and certification.

To help him sleep through the night, I scoured the web for information and spent hours to find the right solution. I tried different techniques before I learned what actually works for infants and toddlers. It took me a while, but I finally got there. It was indeed a big achievement for me when I was able to get him sleeping 12 hours at night and that too in his crib.

I used my knowledge to help other families in the neighborhood. Soon my personal passion for sleep coaching became my profession as I decided to get a certification in this domain. My mission is to help sleep-deprived families and their children learn and adopt healthy sleep routines. Good sleep is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for a healthy mind, body and brain functioning.

My desire to help you and your little ones sleep better has led me to create Jolie Sleep Consulting. Now I am here to help your baby, and you sleep well. From gentle sleep training, to nap scheduling, and early morning wake ups, I can assist you with them all. Let me help you reach your sleep goals and feel refreshed, healthy, and happy every day.

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