Tiny Tots Sleep Support
13 months – 3 years


Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

We will begin with an initial questionnaire to help me further understand your child’s current sleep habits. This questionnaire will be completed prior to our consultation which will help me write a detailed plan, specifically tailored to your child’s needs and your families philosophy.

60 Minute Consultation

This is a private distraction free phone call where we will discuss the content of your personalized plan and to answer any questions you have about what you need to know.

Your Personalized Sleep Plan

Step by Step instructions that will address your child’s specific struggles to ensure that your child is learning healthy sleep habits so you both can reach your sleep goals.

The Support

Three weeks of text and phone support for the mom who wants to slowly transition, with accountability and encouragement to ensure you’re staying on track and that things are going smoothly.

● Daily UNLIMITED support through text or phone call to answer questions, troubleshoot any setbacks, and further refine your sleep plan to fit your child’s responses and temperament in real-time!
● Because your baby is growing and is continuously making developmental changes there will be hiccups along the way. This package also includes 3 emails to help you navigate some of those hiccups along the way, and is valid until your child’s 3rd birthday
● A true hand-holding experience so you never have to wonder what you’re doing wrong.



“I was amazed by how quickly the journey was, that in just a few nights my infant was sleeping through the night” -Anna S.


  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment
  • Personalized Sleep Plan
  • 60-minute Consultation to discuss the content of the plan.
  • 2-weeks of Unlimited text and phone support.
  • A 60-minute call to conclude your package and to answer any last questions.
  • 3 Follow up emails that expire on your child’s 3rd birthday.