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5 Tips To Keep Sleep Intact For The Holidays.

Steffi Edwin|December 21,2020


5 Tips To Keep Sleep Intact For The Holidays

The holidays most certainly look different this year for many of us. Spending time and visiting all of our family and friends may not be possible but you may have decided to keep a little sense of normalcy for your child and head over to grandma and grandpa’s house for Christmas.

Worried about keeping sleep intact while you are away?

Here are a few tips to help!

1.Plan ahead for your child’s sleeping accommodations.

If your child is not used to sharing their sleep space, sleeping in the same bed with you may not work well for them. Consider bringing along a pack and play and slumber pod to give your child their own sleep space even while room sharing. If you travel with your child often, the SlumberPod is a must-have.  It provides an individual sleeping place for your little one, which makes room-sharing while traveling more do-able. With this product, your baby or toddler can sleep in a safe, familiar pack-n-play or mini-crib covered with a breathable, blacked-out dome.  The SlumberPod includes a fabric canopy to cover a child’s sleeping space, a set of two poles, and a carrying bag with a shoulder strap. It’s a genius!

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2. Be mindful of the time change.

If you’re traveling east or west, the time might be slightly ahead or behind. Let your child sleep in, take naps a bit later, and go to bed later than their regular bedtime. This will help them stay or close to schedule when they get back home.

3.You make the rules and don’t feel guilty for it

Your child’s needs come first and whatever you decide is final. I know, I know your baby is the newest addition to the family and everyone wants to hold and cuddle him. Even way past naptime. You can be flexible if you choose but do not allow anyone to guilt you when anticipating your child’s needs. Bedtime is Bedtime!

4.Give yourself grace.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. Break the rules a little and try not to stress too much if sleep is a little off. Soak up all the action and build all your memories. You can always get back on track when you return.

5.Get back on Track as soon as you return.

Because your child is already familiar with their routine at home it won’t be long before sleep get’s back to a good place if it went a bit off track. Get back on schedule and stay consistent.



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